Musikteater Unna* was formed in 2010 by performance storyteller Johan Theodorsson and folk musician Anders Peev. We play shows both across Sweden and internationally for adults, children and youngsters. Maria Johansdotter is produced with support from the City of Stockholm and is the duo's second production. The first was the eco adventure The heart of the forest, a storytelling performance for children between 5-11 years.

Our artistic concept

Musikteater Unna plays minimalist performances that delivers epic stories with a clear social commitment. We are two on stage and working with the following theatrical expressions: scene narrative, dramatic narrative music and improvised dramatic timing. We are working from a script consisting of directed and improvisational elements, both in storytelling and music.


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  1. *Musikteater means ”MUSIC THEATRE”. Unna means ”LOVE” in Old Swedish.


Anders Peev

Anders Peev is a musician, composer and sound engineer. Anders runs Nanoq recordings and plays with folk duo Anda, Hakan Vreskala and Nina Nordvall Vahlberg. He also writes film music.

Johan Theodorsson

Johan Theodorsson is a performance storyteller and storytelling teacher. He runs the company Fantasiförmedlingen, Imagination Service in english. Johan makes storytelling performances for both children and adults, read more on His special themes are gender and equality.

Anders Peev

Johan Theodorsson

                           Play for us, Magnus!

   Why are you in such a hurry, Magnus?






A true story based on court records