The musician Maria lived her life as Magnus Johansson in the early 1700s in Stockholm, capital of Sweden. Maria Johansdotter is a storytelling show about passion, suicide attempt, betrayal and deadly friendship. It is a story about norms and gender identities, a part of history that previously has been invisible. 

On stage there are only a storyteller and a musician. With live music and timeless storytelling, the audience is served a true story about a transgender persons quest for freedom and justice. The show is based on court records.

Maria Johansdotter has been performed 105 times since the first performance at Stockholm Pride 2012 and also visited the International storytelling festival in Rome 2013 and the International storytelling festival in Helsinki 2014.


Dramatical, uncomfortable and very touching. It is a heavily stripped predecessor to Kimberly Peirce's movie Boys don´t cry

Mariana Vnuk, Norrländska socialdemokraten

A true story based on court records


Magnus has a secret that only Anna knows

You should not think that you can get away with this

I´m both a man and a woman, though even more on the male side.

Magnus Johansson 1705

...and then - they start to beat him....

All photos by Wilhelm Hagberg.